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Welcome to Adirondack Gecko!

The Adirondack Mountains, where the fresh air and spring waters are plentiful. I strive to keep my gecko's healthy and happy.  They are handled from a very young age and are very sociable, docile and loving. I take this hobby very seriously, it is not just about selling and making money, it is the passion of being in their presence, and having a really good time while doing it.

I raise my own crickets, roaches, mealworms, waxworms and superworms.  Our geckos and the feeder insects that they eat are fed nothing but a clean and balanced diet with pure Adirondack spring water. What you feed your feeders is what your geckos eat.

"A healthly feeder helps make a healthy gecko."

Each sub-adult has their own 20 gallon long tank which includes hides, branches, trees, and of course, a hammock! After all, what's a condo without a hammock? They move on to bigger and better condos when they turn full-adult. My hatchlings are housed in 10 quart shoeboxes until the age of 8 weeks, then moved to 15 quart shoeboxes until they become sized for a 20 gallon tank and so on.

I let my females socialize together, and this way they learn to tolerate other geckos, and it gives me time to observe each gecko for any social behavioral problems and tells me if they are compatable with other females, this way I can pass that information onto their new owners. Males are let out to enjoy social time with me as well, but only one at a time to prevent territorial fighting

I am selective to the new homes that my leos go to, I encourage new leopard gecko owners to read My Care Sheet from the above tab under Services. 

So whether you are a hobbyist, breeder or just looking for that special pet gecko, you have come to the right place!

Kathy †